A smooth and crease free finish with Hex’Press

The Ferrari Hexis had on their stand at the UK Sign and Digital exhibitions.Achieving a perfect finish in less application time is what every vehicle wrapper wants and Hexis launched its Hex'Press HX30000 series of highly conformable special effect designer wrapping films which promise just that earlier this year.

The new HX30000 films complement the HX20000 series; both are multilayered cast vinyls with Hex'Press solvent acrylic adhesive technology, which facilitates the escape of trapped air, thus avoiding any air bubbles or creases during application and saving time and labour. An added benefit of Hex'Press technology is that is allows repositioning of vinyl on the substrate during application.

The HX30000 range features four new colours: black carbon, super matt black, variochrome pearl and beetle. The HX20000 series comes in 33 colours including high metallic white and black.

To support vehicle wrappers, Hexis UK Ltd has a DVD with guidance on the art of applying Hex'Press vinyl film and also offers a range of training courses on their application.

Go to www.hexis.co.uk or telephone 01543 411221 for further information.

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