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Awards and accreditation: a good sign for Xmo Strata

Xmo Strata staff preparing to install signage. In a year which has already seen flash floods, high winds and the tightening of purse strings, Steve Martin, Managing Director of sign installation and maintenance firm Xmo Strata, talks to Sign Update about how the company has conquered the elements and what hand 2008 has dealt the company so far this year.

"In such unstable economic conditions, it is vital for any business to be able to rely on its staff to carry out work efficiently, safely, on-time and within budget", said Steve Martin. "An integral part of Xmo Strata’s achievements to date has been through the implementation of specific training criteria and sustaining a safety conscious workplace".

For the third year running, the company has achieved accreditation to the International Contractors Safety Rating System (ICSRS), a quality standard so stringent that it is normally applied to firms working on nuclear power stations and sub-sea pipelines.

"The accreditation came as a result of our initiatives to deliver safety messages efficiently throughout the company and our commitment to conducting regular safety tours, employee training, inspections, and accident investigations", added Steve.

"Company managers need to be particularly astute to the safety of employees with the introduction of the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act. With legislation evolving so rapidly, training employees to the highest standards should be common practice. As a Managing Director, if an accident occurs on-site, I need to have evidence that a safe working environment was provided. I also need to prove that all employees and sub-contractors had the relevant skills, training and documentation in place to complete the job safely."

Another area where we have focused this year has been minimising the need for working at height. If we are able to keep engineers working at ground level wherever possible, we are significantly reducing the potential for workplace accidents, especially when operating in the extreme weather conditions we experienced earlier this year", he added.

Equipment and vans at the ready. Steve Martin, Managing Director of Xmo Strata.

In accordance with the Working at Height Regulations 2005, Xmo Strata partnered with global engineering company ABB, to reduce the need for working above ground level during a complex nationwide valeting programme. Steve commented: "Together with ABB we have established a safer working practice which will now become a standard procedure company-wide".

"We have been fortunate enough this year to receive three awards for our uncompromising attitude to health and safety. The sign industry is particularly high-risk and we protect our employees, ourselves, and our customers by investing in comprehensive training and procedures, and ensuring that every employee fully understands the company's dedication to the subject", said Steve.

Xmo Strata's 2008 awards include the Tiger Performance award at the ABB/Coteba/ExxonMobil Annual Safety Meeting; the Exceptional Performance award from the BP/Bovis Global Alliance, and an Achievement award from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.

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