Exhibition Displays - March 2010

What is Mark Bric Ego?

Mark Bric Ego at the National Eisteddfod of Wales 2009.EGO is Mark Bric Display's large-scale exhibition display system. Using just three highly engineered components Ego enables an amazing array of displays to be built that will fill exhibition spaces with seamless graphics. Assembly is tool-free and the EGO framework is entirely hidden, making the graphics the full focus of attention.

Ego comprises gently curving surfaces that form walls and towers of all shapes and sizes up to 5.6m tall, to fill exhibition spaces with eye-catching graphics. The three basic components, the Junction, Rod and Wing, enable great flexibility and give substantial structural integrity. This strength means that weight-bearing stages can be constructed and accessories such as exterior shelving, LCD mounts and product showcases can be added, bringing enormous extra value to the display.

The graphic panels form a complete shell which hides the Ego framework. These uninterrupted graphics give a huge display area which is visually impressive and a dream for an exhibition designer.

Ego is surprisingly portable, packing down into wheeled cases for ease of transport. It is also easily reused and reconfigured. Components for a particular design or structure can be used again and again for displays of different shapes and sizes. All components are the top quality that you would expect from Mark Bric Display and Ego comes with a 10-year warranty.

With Ego's ever-growing popularity Mark Bric Display has produced new brochures with many examples of Ego projects which can be veiwed at www.markbric.co.uk.

Telephone 01477 537788 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out more.

Xpressions Display System - Make an instant impression.

Xpressions Display SystemXpressions is a totally new and revolutionary display system. It creates the dramatic visual impact vital in busy trade shows, clearly communicating your company's message even from a distance.

Using vibrant printed fabric, the system is light in weight and takes just seconds to assemble or dismantle. With graphics already in place, you can be the first to make your mark at the show or conference - ready to get straight down to business. (Leave the graphics attached, and also be the first home from the show).

Strong magnets work in conjunction with lightweight aluminium frames to create a sturdy frame structure. This, together with the three dimensionality and stretchiness of the fabric graphics, provides limitless options for creating a dynamic look. Graphics can be highlighted with halogen spot lamps, clipped on to the frame without the need for special tools.

Xpressions Displays is a division of Splash Display Ltd, one of the UK's leading display solution providers. Stewart Wilkins, Managing Director of Splash, says: Clients' comments say it all; typical are: 'Such a range of choices, I don't know where to start..!', 'The fabric panels just hook on. Simple!'"

"Clients are amazed by the range of choices and the bold colours. The fabrics give a vibrancy that you just don't get with a conventional pop up display. They can't believe you can put the graphics into a washing machine: they come up as good as new, with any creases hanging out in no time."

For a free demonstration, or to find out more about the range, visit the website www.xpressions-displays.co.uk or telephone 08452 261936.

UK POS elects Ballot Boxes a must have for exhibition feedback

Ballot BoxUK Point Of Sale Group Limited (UK POS) is highlighting its range of suggestion and ballot boxes as a vital element to the exhibition stand. With companies investing money and time into these events, it is necessary to get enough feedback to ensure a good return on investment.

Debra Jamieson, Marketing and Sales Director for UK POS explained: "Exhibitions are the perfect time to give away products, merchandise and marketing materials and run competitions, so it is important to suggest that they get visitors to complete a form with relevant details which can then be stored in a branded ballot box. The information gained improves their databases, as well as giving an indication of the booth's footfall."

UK POS offers a variety of suggestion and ballot boxes such as the newest product to its range, the Suggestion Box with Header. Manufactured in white acrylic, it can be used on the counter or wall mounted and includes a header poster holder available in A4 portrait or A5 landscape and a side pocket for A6 or one-third size A4 leaflets.

Other products in the range include suggestion boxes with locks and floor standing boxes for larger promotions. For customers requiring an easy to transport version ideal for exhibitions UK POS can also supply the flat pack Cardboard Ballot Box.

This range is featured in UK POS' Display Buyers Guide, which also includes a variety of other products suitable for exhibition use, such as its range of free standing poster kits and leaflet dispensers, especially the Collapsible Leaflet Holder, display supports, sign holders and banner stands.

UK POS' Display Buyers Guide can be requested at www.ukpos.com or by telephoning 08454 503848.

Bamboo range gives more green choices

The new Planet range from Eurostand Display made from renewable, high quality bamboo. Answering its customers' clear calls for more environmentally friendly display systems, Eurostand Display has wasted no time in expanding its already wide product range to satisfy this demand.

The Essex-based trade-only display specialist has launched its Planet range to provide what the company says is a greener alternative to conventional display systems. The range is a high-quality portfolio of roll-ups, tension banner and literature display stands built to exacting standards using only renewable, high quality bamboo.

With the great majority of display products manufactured from materials such as aluminium, systems crafted from natural, renewable and recyclable materials are increasingly desirable as alternatives. Having long been recognised as an excellent manufacturing material in Asia, the enormous benefits of bamboo are now being realised globally.

The entire lifecycle of products in the Planet range is positive, explains Eurostand Display's National Account Manager Sam Mooney: "Sure, it is about producing products made from materials that come from sustainable sources. But it is also important that when the products reach the end of their useful life, they are recyclable and, ultimately, biodegradable."

Bamboo crops are entirely sustainable and, unlike traditional hardwood, can be harvested every year without destroying forestry. The plant's shoots grow to maturity in only four to six years and so, as a crop, it is endlessly renewable.

Products within the Planet range are also protected with an eco-friendly lacquer coating to further enhance their natural look and feel. This coating has passed rigorous testing under the REACh (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals) regulations, the latest European Community regulation on chemicals and their safe use.

"Properly-treated bamboo is ideal for display products as it doesn't swell, shrink or mark in the manner of hardwood," says Sam. "It is also lightweight, durable and elegant. Plus, like all Eurostand Display's products, our Planet range comes with a five-year guarantee."

Further information available at www.eurostanddisplay.com or telephone 01277 350925.

3D-Standards - Design your own exhibition stand in minutes

A screen dump of the BabyCAD software in use.3D-Standards is a new award winning web application designed specially for event and exhibition professionals who plan or design exhibition stands or trade show booths.

Creating an entire layout and jaw dropping 3D visuals in a matter of minutes is made easy with 3D-Standards. Floor space is selected, the products to be included are clicked on and jpegs can be uploaded to apply graphics to 3D banners and pop-ups.

Because of its astounding ease of use, anyone can pickup and use this professional design software; no training required and the whole thing just runs in a browser. The developers at Aarkid Ltd believe its set to disrupt the established methods of pre-visualising exhibition stands and event spaces.

3D-Standards has appeared on several important exhibition industry websites over the last few months. The most recent portal for 3D-Standards is www.babycad.com, which is entirely devoted to this 3D exhibition design software.

What makes the version on Babycad unique is its set of modular 3D products to play with, which 'click' together like Lego bricks. Exhibition design ideas can be sketched out exhibition effortlessly and posted online in one click.

3D-Standards is intuitive and clearly has potential to be a potent tool for exhibition designers. The development team at Aarkid Ltd says designers already using it are able to give prospective clients 3D visuals in record time, putting them ahead of the competition and are calling 3D-Standards the 'deal clincher'.

"It's a potent sales tool and certainly going to upset a few people in the industry," says Mark Shurey, Chief Executive Officer, who uses the design tool to win new business for Creative Solutions, a leading supplier of exhibition equipment.

Test the free demo now at www.babycad.com or contact Aaarkid Ltd on 0141 416 0102.

Eco-friendly graphics from William Smith

RollsRoller Flatbed ApplicatorLeading supplier of integrated sign and graphics solutions, William Smith is now offering new state-of-the-art printing systems and specially engineered materials. Together, they enable graphics producers to greatly reduce the carbon footprint in producing exhibition graphics.

Latest developments in more eco-friendly materials include new non-PVC vinyl materials from both 3M and Ritrama. 3M Graphic Film 3545C and the lower cost RI-JET film from Ritrama are excellent examples of the way in which leading manufacturers are addressing environmental issues.

Supporting these materials are the latest digital printers, in particular those from HP, that now use the new Latex ink technology as an alternative to more hazardous solvent-based systems that give off harmful VOC emissions. The flagship model in the HP eco-friendly series of printers is the 104-inch HP DesignJet L65500 Latex printer. This is the first printer to utilise the latest Latex ink and wide-scan printing technologies and it will enable graphics producers to not only achieve faster printing cycles due to the technology involved but also, as a result of a drastic reduction in VOC emissions, greatly reduce the carbon footprint.

For graphics finishing, the RollsRoller Flatbed Applicator remains a preferred choice for many graphics producers. This remarkable workhorse of a machine can reduce material application time by as much as 80 per cent by comparison with alternative finishing solutions.

Other developments that will offer valuable support to providers of exhibition graphics are the DI-NOC special surface finishes and the Vikuiti rear projection film from 3M. Available in a choice of over 500 different patterns and finishes, DI-NOC mimics the natural appearance of materials like marble, stone and various woods.

For further information, visit the website www.williamsmith.co.uk or telephone 01833 690305.

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