Engraving and Routing - Nov 2009

New Tekcel routers stand out from the crowd

Tekcel CNC Solutions' E Model CNC router, available with bed sizes up to 4050mm x 2070mm. The V Series CNC router from Tekcel CNC Solutions Tekcel’s new control post now has a user friendly joystick control podium mounted as standard.
Tekcel CNC Solutions has recently launched an impressive new range of CNC routers that are designed, from the very first glance, to stand out from the crowd and look to offer sign companies something very special indeed.

For the past decade, Tekcel routers have been widely regarded as the machines that deliver the highest levels of precision, productivity and reliability to the sign and display industry in the UK and Ireland, says Tekcel. The new models build on this well earned reputation and push their exceptional performance benchmark even higher.

The new Tekcel routers are available in single tool or multi tool change configurations, capable of dealing with the huge variety of material types, including plastics, metals, ACMs and woods commonly used throughout the industry. In keeping with Tekcel's manufacturing ethos of 'only the best will do', the new Tekcel routers feature class leading ballscrew drives on every axis, complete with powerful servo motors and digital encoders that deliver 'closed loop' motion control with pinpoint accuracy. All Tekcel routers are fitted with micro switch pads to accurately sense tool lengths for precise cutting depths, essential for inlay work and folding ACM trays.

Developed in conjunction with CADlink, world leaders in software development for the sign and digital print industry, Tekcel now offers its own cut to print solution, which makes a Tekcel router an ideal cutting partner for the increasing number of flat bed digital printers used in the sign and display industry.

Other new developments include system automation to control features like the vacuum hold down bed. The unique 'hole and pocket' vacuum bed system on a Tekcel router is self skimming to provide an absolutely level surface for precise cutting. A new aluminium slat profile and manifold system delivers truly exceptional hold down suction across all areas of the bed.

In addition to these innovations, Tekcel's popular interface with its user friendly joystick control has is now podium mounted as standard.

The new Tekcel router range also offers a range of popular bed sizes all the way up to 4m x 2m as standard. Tekcel CNC Solutions is also capable of delivering custom solutions for companies with specific requirements that fall outside its standard model range.

For more information, contact Tekcel CNC Solutions on 01275 342668 or go to www.tekcelcnc.com

Tekcel router being used with digital printed media on a flatbed.

AXYZ routers go for pole position in cut-to-print technology

An AXYZ Router with the AXYZ Intelligent Cutting SystemThe new AXYZ oscillating knife.AXYZ 4008 routing system
Owners of AXYZ CNC routers from AXYZ International can now maximise the potential of cut-to-print technology without the need to invest in dedicated cutting machinery. The AXYZ Intelligent Cutting System (ICS), when attached to a standard AXYZ router, will enable users to process a wide range of both digital media and thicker sign making substrates like aluminium, aluminium composite material (ACM), PVC, acrylic, plywood and medium-density fibreboard (MDF). The system's capabilities on digital media have now been radically enhanced by the addition of a new oscillating tangential knife that will allow the efficient cutting for both flexible and semi-rigid media such as vinyl, foamed sheet, corrugated plastic cardboard, rubber and leather.

Compatible with all AXYZ CNC routers and available as an upgrade to existing machine installations, the ICS incorporates both a high-resolution camera imaging system that captures print registration marks and industry-leading I-cut control software. The automatic shape adjustment and Adobe Illustrator Plug-in registration mark capabilities inherent in the system will now comprehensively resolve problems associated with linear and non-linear material distortions where hitherto the use of standard software and print registration procedures had resulted in digitally printed signs and graphics being scrapped, with a consequent erosion of profits for the sign and graphics producer and inconvenience to their valued customers.

The ICS solution also features I-Script workflow communication to allow connectivity with all of the most popular RIPS and printers. Significantly, the system will now enable owners of AXYZ routing systems to develop new areas of business that previously would not have been possible and without additional expenditure on new cutting machinery. An ICS demonstration video can be accessed at www.digital-cutting.com or by contacting a member of the technical team on 01902 375 600.

The ICS facility has now been further enhanced with the new AXYZ oscillating knife that has been designed to precisely cut a wide range of digitally printable media up to a thickness of 40mm. In conjunction with the ICS system, the new oscillating knife will allow all types of material used in sign making and digital printing to be effectively handled at a greatly reduced cost. Furthermore, fine control of blade oscillation and tangential motion combine to deliver precise cutting and clean cut edges, even on thicker materials, without excessive over cut or fraying.

The knife accessory can be fitted with a wide choice of blade in various lengths and attack angles. It can also be used with a creasing wheel for sample making and associated creasing and perforating applications.

For further information, visit www.axyz.co.uk or telephone 01902 375600.

Pacer HDS2 router cuts it fine on Perspex

The Pacer HD Series routerSince its launch, the Pacer HDS2 heavy-duty router from AXYZ International has proved a brilliant addition to the production facilities at many of the UK’s leading sign manufacturers. It has demonstrated a particular propensity for the fine cutting and routing of Perspex, arguably the most widely specified material used in the sign making and related industries.

Responsible for technical machine sales at AXYZ International, Liam Hodson commented: “Due to the robustness of the HDS2 and to the machine’s closed-loop servo drives and ball screw combination, the router is far less prone to machine vibration and ‘chatter’. The consequent smooth operation and fine-tolerance cutting capabilities therefore greatly reduce the need for any post-routing finishing requirement. The quality of the edge finish, significantly on Perspex acrylic sheet, is of an unprecedented high quality.”

Because of its exceptionally robust construction, the HDS2 will also handle more efficiently materials like aluminium and aluminium composite material (ACM), brass and steel, in addition to plastic and its derivatives, wood and wood composites like MDF and laminates. The weight of the router is over double that of the previous machine in the HD series and this has resulted in a more rigid construction and a consequent superior cutting and routing capability. There is a choice of processing area (from 2,500 x 1,250 to 3,050 x 2,050mm) and a range of spindle options.

The frame of the machine is a single-piece welded steel construction that is stress-relieved and milled flat to a very fine tolerance. The steel gantry is mounted on linear bearings running on steel rails and is driven on each side by an AC servomotor and a precision ball screw for backlash-free motion. The controller has an automatic self-squaring facility that ensures the gantry is always accurately aligned to eliminate the possibility of twisting or ‘crabbing’.

The zoned vacuum bed incorporates a high-flow brush-less exhauster that is capable of continuous operation, while independent switching and redirection provides a versatile and high-powered hold-down function. The integral cyclonic extraction system also ensures clean operation in all situations. Included in the range of optional features are a spray mister coolant system for cutting metals and alloys and a fully automatic tool change system that includes high-power and high-speed (up to 40,000rpm) spindles.

The Pacer HDS2 uses the latest XMC-E version 3 software. Full technical support for the router is provided by AXYZ International on a daily basis as part of the total package.

For further information, visit www.axyz.co.uk

Identify adds Roland engraving systems to its portfolio

Roland's EGX 600 engraving machineThe Roland EGX360 engraving machineRoland Laser Engraving
Identify Engraving Systems has taken on the entire range of engraving systems from Roland.

With an excellent reputation for manufacturing high quality signage equipment, Roland engraving machines are no exception, being well thought out and economically priced. Adding the Roland range to the already well established Vision range of machines means that Identify can now provide an engraving machine for every conceivable application.

In the Vision range, there are four standard engravers, 305mm x 406mm, 406mm x 609mm, 609mm x 609mm and 609mm x 1219mm. The two larger are available in router format to provide ultimate flexibility by giving the option of using a standard engraving head or simply fitting a router head of choice for heavier duty work.

Roland's EGX20 and 30A are genuine desktop engravers and designed for simple tasks such as labels, tags and badges; easy to operate, they come complete with simple to use software.

"A real workhorse system" is how Identify describes Roland's EGX 350, which is being supplied with the full Vcarve Pro software, fully featured with all the functions that a professional engraver would expect, and more. Vcarve Pro as the name would suggest has the ability to take a standard engraving cutter and create some brilliantly simple V effects "with little or no pain".

For trophy making there can be no better system than the EGX 360, says Identify. The EGX was designed from the ground up to mark or engrave virtually any conceivable item involved in the award and incentive industry. Round items up to 180mm quickly converting to a flat engraving table 305mm x 230mm means that even tricky jobs can be turned round in time to satisfy even the most demanding customer.

For a bit of extra size and power and the capacity to get jobs done fast, Identify recommends the EGX 400 and 600.

Identify is now able to provide customers with the very best in software utilising Vision Lite and Vision Pro both of which are Engravelab based. Vectric software has also been introduced with some versions being included in the Roland systems. Using Vectric V-Carve software not only provides fully featured engraving software but it also makes functions like V-carving simple, literally adding a new dimension to the products that signmakers can offer their customers.

In addition, Identify offers a comprehensive range of engraving materials. Identify believes it has always been and continues to be, the leading innovator in this area. New products such as Metalgraph, which simulate the real look and feel of metal, and SafeTMark, is a fire resistant laminate, means that Identify customers continually benefit from the company's ongoing research and development.

Samples, swatches and literature are readily available via www.identify.co.uk or telephone 0117 953 0800.

CADlink announces release of EngraveLab V8 for rotary and laser, at twice the speed

Engravelab LogoCADLink Logo
CADlink Technology Corporation has announced the latest release of its engraving software product line, EngraveLab Version 8. The new release includes enhancements for both rotary as well as laser engraving workflows.

Aside from a host of new features that streamline the design to output workflow, the single biggest enhancement to EngraveLab V8 is its output speed. Now twice as fast as the already efficient previous version, EngraveLab includes new fill routines that significantly decrease the amount of "tool time" it takes to produce jobs.

"We are extremely excited about the release of EngraveLab V8," says Tim Benner, EngraveLab Product Manager. "We feel that the new product will further increase our lead as the most widely used engraving software for both rotary and laser engravers worldwide."

The full list of EngraveLab V8's key features, which can be found at www.cadlink.com, includes search and replace, extended character picker, autocad SHX font support, fit to circle / square / ellipse, vectorisation wizard and 3D viewer.

ITC set to launch new ClearCut range of tooling

ITC Cutter in operation.Following extensive research and development into new cutting tools, leading manufacturer of cutting tool solutions for the sign and aerospace industry, ITC Tooling is set to announce the launch of its new improved ClearCut range of tooling.

The ITC range of ClearCut tooling has established its position in the marketplace and has been well received at both the Sign & Digital UK Exhibition and the Print Ireland show since its launch in 2008. The new ClearCut Solid carbide two flute, square end, straight shank cutter is a centre cutting tool manufactured from micro grain carbide to extremely tight tolerances with a polished flute geometry.

One of the Clearcut range of toolingDespite the huge demand the ClearCut range has noted since its launch in 2008, ITC is not a company that rests on its laurels. With this in mind, ITC has worked tirelessly to improve the Clearcut range and the result is a new ClearCut Series due for launch this autumn. Behind the scenes ITC has experimented with various flute dimensions and tool geometries at its Tamworth facility with extensive tests conducted on the company’s 5-axis Matsuura machining centre.

Trials with a number of prestigious sign manufacturers have proven extremely positive with results delivering exceptional surface finishes in acrylic materials, removing the need for secondary operations and finish polishing. With such benefits there is little doubt that the new ClearCut range will emulate the success of its predecessor.

For customers interested in the current ClearCut range, the series has a polished geometry that gives an exceptional finish on Perspex and acrylic materials and in most cases eliminates the need for flame polishing components after cutting. To obtain the best results from the ClearCut series, ITC advises customers to use the range on a high powered and well maintained machine that can cut anti-clockwise. As well as remarkable results on acrylic, the range offers exceptional surface finish on Foamex and similar materials.

For further information telephone 01827 304500 or visit the website www.itc-ltd.co.uk

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