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Established in 1990 by a signmaker, Sign Update is now widely acknowledged to be the sign industry's leading magazine.

Published bi-monthly, we cover various aspects of sign related news, based on new products, services, company profiles and design tutorials etc.

Family run: like all family run businesses we take just that little more care and time dealing with our client's requests and needs. With over eighty years in the sign industry, this gives us a good insight into the trends and developments in the industry.


Past issues of Sign Update magazine.
Some of these are available for download by clicking on the linked issues below:

Why advertise in the Buyers Guide?

  1. You get a text advert in the Magazine in the BUYERS GUIDE section, which is printed in about 7,800 copies each issue of the magazine, for 7 issues (1 year).
  2. You get an on-line searchable advert with your logo attached for 1 year.
  3. You get a link back to your website. Google considers the number of links back to your website as important criteria for determining your ranking in the Search Engine.

The first advert is £130 per year! To go under any additional heading costs an extra £65 each.

The Buyers Guide is one area that the sign-making industry use extensively. We make it very good value to advertisers, as it only works if there is a comprehensive representation of the industry. This is printed in the last 14 pages of the magazine.

Unlike most annual directories which are printed once a year and quickly become out of date, an annual advert with us is printed bi-monthly, and can be updated at any time, and appear immediately with amendments on our website.

Submitting the advert:

Please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the following information:

Choose from the list of headings to be under.

Include: Company Name, Address, Telephone, E-mail and Website

There are 2 Descriptions (most people have them both the same):

  • Category view (website and mag): The description on this page appears first and will have other companies adverts alongside yours in the same category. This is also used in the magazine (limited to 400 characters)
  • Detailed view (website only): The description on this page doesn't appear in the magazine and appears once the user has clicked on the advert to see the full list of contact details (unlimited space, that can include bullet points and other formatting and links etc.

Attach an image of your logo.

An example of the first page of the Buyers Guide:

Buyers Guide Example in magazine

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