Making Routing and Engraving work for your business

Andrew Dudley, Business Manager (3D & Consumer) at Roland DG UK highlights the importance of engraving hardware options, that would boost revenues for enterprising sign makers.

Sign makers have always displayed a readiness to embrace new technologies to ensure they continue to offer their customers new, added value services. At a time when cash is king and positive cash-flow is so vital to success, here at Roland DG we have seen a marked increase in enquiries regarding our engraving technology, mainly from sign makers looking for ways to boost output and, therefore, revenue. So how could engraving fit into an existing sign and display operation?

Roland DG EGX-350

The answer is actually very straightforward – engraved signage, corporate gifts and awards are highly relevant to much of a sign maker’s existing customer base. Those that buy printed signage, generally also buy engraved signage. And, in addition, they are likely to buy other, higher value engraved items, because sign makers who have adopted an engraving solution are not limited to just signage.

For example, a customer purchasing signage for an exhibition or event may also be open to the idea of producing corporate gifts and giveaways for the same show. The market for other personalised lighters, watches, rings or key rings – anything – is potentially huge and the margins impressive.

Roland DG’s market leading EGX-350 is the ideal platform from which to break into the engraving market. It is a highly versatile machine, capable of producing a wide range of products from brass plaques to corporate gifts, indoor signage and awards with crisp texts and clear graphics. The Roland engraving range also includes the slightly larger models, the EGX-400 and EGX-600, as well as the Metaza MPX-90 impact-printer for engraving photographs for truly unique and personal gifts.

Roland DG Metaza MPx-90

The Metaza MPX-90 uses a vibrating diamond to permanently engrave both bitmap and vector images onto flat and irregular surfaces and can permanently mark tough materials like titanium and stainless steel. And Roland’s range of engravers can work with glass, gold, silver, stainless steel, brass, aluminium, acrylics, plastics, laminates and wood; a range of materials that has really opened the eyes of many signmakers to the lucrative potential of engraving equipment.

If you have any experience with vinyl cutting – as most sign makers will - then the learning curve with engraving technology is negligible; the software and principles are similar and you will be up and running from day one. Even if you’ve no experience with vinyl cutting, the learning curve remains slight, because modern software is developed with ease of use in mind.

Features such as auto surface detection for detecting undulating surfaces make the EGX-350 quick and easy to use and the machine simply connects via USB to a PC or Mac, from where it is driven by Roland DG’s intuitive Engrave Studio software, which is included with the package. The EGX-350 is clean, efficient and ideal for retail or workshop environments alike. And, compared with printing technology, engraving machines are available for a relatively small capital outlay, which makes them the perfect solution for any whose margins on printed output are being squeezed.

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