Sondia Lighting - From marine light fittings to global market

Lighting from Sondia Sondia Lighting was established in 1965 as a Division of the Humber Electrical Engineering Company Ltd, a company then largely associated with the shipbuilding industry.

Sondia Lighting began by manufacturing marine light fittings for shipyards and marine electrical engineers based in the UK with the occasional export contract to supply complete ships lighting packages.

In the mid ‘80s Sondia Lighting used its experience in the marine market to develop a weatherproof sign illuminating fitting, in response to the needs of a local sign manufacturer for a contract supplying signage to MFI. MFI liked the product and specified Sondia’s fitting for use on all its stores, providing exposure throughout the country that later led to the fitting being selected for commercial and industrial premises of other major companies across the UK.

In the late ‘80s with the marine market in decline and shipyards around the country closing, Sondia Lighting diversified, firstly undertaking general sub-contract sheet metalwork and secondly the design, manufacture of standard and bespoke light fittings to other established lighting companies. The diversification proved successful and in the early ‘90s the company invested heavily in market leading CADCAM system and CNC machinery.

The experience gained in designing robust, well engineered light fittings for the marine and sign industries and responding to changing markets has served the business well. Today Sondia employs more than 20 staff and manufactures fittings for a variety of applications. As a sub-contractor has developed its own comprehensive range of catalogued products and is currently working on the next generation, which includes a colour change LED trough light.

Customers include UK and foreign based companies and a recent project involved producing stainless steel LED floodlights on extended arms to illuminate the name boards on a luxury super-yacht.

One of Sondia’s best selling lines at the moment is Recessed Modular Fittings. The standard range of 600 x 600 and 1200 x 600 fittings are available in three and four lamp versions incorporating switch start, H.F. and H.F. dimmable control gear.

Sondia recognises the new challenges presented by the global market and remains determined to take the business forward by increasing it customer base and moving into new markets.

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