Portland Lighting - Affordable LED trough lighting

Ledlux trough lighting Portland Lighting, a leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative products, successfully launched LEDlux, the first LED trough lighting system for the UK sign industry in spring.

Previously, the difficulty in achieving sufficient light spread evenly over an entire surface without the spotting normally associated with LEDs, had prevented development of successful LED trough lighting at a financially viable cost.

Portland drew on its extensive research and development expertise to overcome these problems and create the exciting and stylish LEDlux at a price affordable to the sign trade.

Ledlux uses high power 3.6 watt LED modules in ‘chip on board’ technology combined with broad 140 degree light distribution and a specialist magnifying extruded lens to achieve bright, uniform lighting. Illumination is comparable to conventional fluorescent trough lighting but operating costs are reduced by more than 50 per cent.

A lit sign for the Liverpool FC Club StoreSealed to IP64, together with IP67 power converters and protective coated LEDs, which have an integrated current source to stabilise luminous flux and outstanding lamp life, Ledlux offers enviable reliability of service and maintenance-free costs. A projected LED life of more than 50,000 hours could mean that fascia signs only half illuminated because fluorescents have not been replaced are a thing of the past. In addition, Ledlux has clear added value in the protection of valuable natural resources.

Portland designed the attractive casing to also house fluorescent lamps. The unique clip-in cover enables easy retro fitting into the signlux system, giving flexibility and the option of utilising a traditional light source or the new LED technology in relighting programmes.

Ledlux joins the Portland family of Microlux, Adlux, the original and ever-popular signlux, and the Bullet spotlight, to provide an unequalled range and choice within the sign industry.

For more information, go to www.portlandlighting.co.uk or telephone 01922 721133.

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