LED Solutions announces latest Agilight range

Agilight Tuffrayz LED's LED Solutions has announced the latest range of LEDs that are capable of illuminating a variety of different applications. LED Solutions is currently the UK supplier of American company Agilight’s LED modules. Agilight’s newest Rayz collection includes a Weatherproof LED, High Output White and miniature LED module that can fit into lettering with stroke widths of 25mm.

The Weatherproof LED called Tuffrayz is designed to withstand the most severe weather conditions due to its potted circuitry and fully protective moulded body. The Tuffrayz module also has a streamlined pod-like design, which allows for smooth and easy installation into any signage or lettering. Energy efficiency is also a major addition to the Tuffrayz module as over 100 modules can be powered from just one 60-watt power supply.

The flagship product of the Rayz collection has to be the High Output Thin Rayz Xtra LED, which creates a very high intensity white illumination. This LED module contains four TOPS LED on each module and can produce a light output of 459 Lumens per metre, perfect for creating a bright and clean white illumination that many other LEDs struggle to achieve.

The last, but not least model, within this new range of LED products are called Thin Rayz. These LED modules have proven to be a great asset to LED Solutions because they can fit into the most awkward of lettering with stroke widths of just 25mm. The LED modules also use TOP LEDs and can produce an ultra bright illumination effect whilst generating a minimal amount of heat.

LED Solutions, already pleased with the current influx of new products, is looking forward to expanding its product range in the near future.

For more information visit the website www.ledsolutions.co.uk

raised built up letter, with a halo created by Agilight's Thin Rayz LEDs

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