Large stock of animated LED signs at BHMA

BHMA Stock Sign saying Keys Cut. BHMA Limited based in Witchford, Cambridgeshire, has been a marketing based company for 17 years.

Patrick Huggins, Director, has trained literally thousands of licensed trade managers in the subject, enabling them to market their businesses professionally.

In the last five years he has focused BHMA on products rather than training, allowing BHMA customers to get their businesses noticed and improve their profit.

Signs that are illuminated, move, are at eye level, are an instant way to get noticed and LED signs fit this criteria perfectly.

A key advantage of LED-based lighting is its high efficiency, as measured by its light output per unit power input. White LEDs have quickly matched and overtook the efficiency of standard incandescent lighting systems, costing much less to operate.

The BHMA range of super bright LED shop signs incorporates the latest developments in LED technology. All signs use 8mm, wide angled, filtered, high colour contrast, anti-glare LEDs for excellent day and night time visibility and offer a lifespan of up to 11 years’ permanent use.

The range is extremely durable, energy efficient (8-18 watts), precision engineered and the slimmest available is an amazing 17mm - less than the diameter of a 1p coin - with superb built in micro-chip controlled, power management systems.

BHMA offers discount to trade customers and has a growing range of animated LED business signs for indoor use currently available from stock.

Telephone 01353 665141 or go to to view the BHMA range.

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