Abacus LED makes it simple with chain LED

Hand holding 5 lit LED modules Abacus LED has gained extensive experience as part of the sign industry for more than 30 years, so understands the many frustrations that come with the job and is able to simplify a customer’s LED lighting needs.

The company has just added to its range with new Chain-LED, designed for sign makers to create LED characters or graphics with ease.

Each Chain-LED consists of 15 LEDs encased in a transparent rubber like PVC material, enabling them to fit snugly into panels up to 6mm thick with 9mm holes. The rubber material creates a water tight seal making them suitable for both external and internal use. Chain-LED is waterproof to IP55 and available in six brilliant colours: red, orange, amber, green, blue and white.

The company’s new Supabrite high power LED modules, says Abacus, are the brightest LED in their class.

Providing brilliant white without the coolness, they offer excellent and even distribution of light with no hot spots. Supabrite modules are built to high quality standard, IP68 rated and suitable for many applications internally or externally without additional protection.

An important advantage of Abacus LED modules are their special thermal management technology within the metal case, so heat is dissipated away from the LED. Overheating, which severely shortens the life of an LED, is therefore avoided.

These modules provide super high luminance and are completely waterproofed to IP68. Significantly, they can be fixed directly onto the back of flat cut letters and other surfaces internally or externally and have a profile of just 4mm.

Abacus also supplies a range of LED controllers from 12V-48V; dim controllers for single colour and brightness changes; high-performance RGB controllers with advanced PWM control technology to control entire RGB colour changes of LED lights with 4 wires; 48V animators in RGB, 2, 3, 6, and 10 channels; various power supplies for indoor and outdoor use, and more.

For full details of the Abacus LED range, visit the website www.ledsignsandlighting.co.uk or tel. 0161 236 8828.

Abacus Electronics

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