Light Pockets from Fairfield Displays – a brighter way to create illuminated signs

LED light pocket signage in shop windowLED light pocket on display
Fairfield, an established specialist supplier of illuminated graphic displays, has become extremely well known its range LED Light Pockets™ over the last year. Trade customers are so pleased with new LED Light Pockets and their quality that repeat orders are rolling in and the range is the company’s fastest seller in 2012 to date.

The usage of LED Light Pockets is spreading across many different markets as the concept is becoming known by more and more people. The Fairfield LED Light Pocket has now been used in markets as diverse as funeral parlours, solicitors’ offices, receptions of office buildings, holiday centres, restaurants and museums.

When selecting an LED illuminated panel system extreme care should be taken to select a reliable supplier who will guarantee the product and has a proven track record of supplying top quality products. As a trade supplier there is little worse than having complaints from your customer. When you look in a catalogue or on a website it’s very difficult to judge the brightness of the LEDs or how well the light travels across larger panels.

Fairfield offers a complete demonstration pack so that the trade can show the quality to their clients, plus everything is fully guaranteed.

Fairfield now has three separate ranges of LED Light Pocket which means there is a design to meet differing client requirements. Standard units are available from A4 to A0 and Light Pockets can also be made in single width or multiple widths and heights.

Shop window light pocket signs

Ultra-bright white light or a warm light can be specified. Due to client demand Fairfield has also designed panels that have one extremely bright side which reflects out into the street and with a softer light for the interior. This design has proved especially popular in office environments where staff work close to the window display. Fairfield has found that in more traditional buildings and areas where soft lighting is used the warm light meets clients’ requirements.

Custom coloured back panels or coloured surrounds can be used to help enhance brand image and the coloured areas can be screen printed to re-enforce a corporate identity. The panels are supplied as standard with a silver printed border, on request any colour can be printed which gives an individual touch to the design. Floating directory signs can be created which are excellent for use in reception areas. The LED Light Pockets are supplied with a choice of width of borders so that when space is tight, more pockets can be fitted into the area. Fairfield has a national team of highly trained consultants who will be happy to visit your office and present the very latest designs.

For further information or to arrange a free demonstration telephone 0845 619 9880 or visit the website

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