Water based digital ink alternatives provide green solutions

Epson Stylus Pro WT7900

Epson has responded to environmental concerns with the introduction of an aqueous based white ink. The new ink, which can be used in combination with new metallic film on its Stylus Pro WT7900, is aimed at users who want to produce vibrant display graphics for retail and point-of-sale applications.

Epson proudly claims that the Stylus Pro WT7900 is the only inkjet in the world to offer a water-based opaque white ink. Originally developed for high-quality packaging proofing and sampling applications, the unique capabilities of this printer make it ideal for display graphics where white ink plays an important role in the overall impact of high-end display, signage and POS graphics. Stylus Pro WT7900 prints high saturation Epson UltraChrome HDR ink on a choice of media, including clear films, paper and the new Metallic Film, on rolls or cut sheets up to 24 inches (609mm) wide.

The UltraChrome HDR ink set plus white not only produces a wide colour gamut and accurate spot colours but also enables unusual effects and finishes to be created on a variety of media. An opaque white base layer can be created on the material to produce greater saturation and vibrancy or the white can be used to generate pastel shades when blended with the printer's existing colours.

More information at www.epson.co.uk or telephone 01442 227275.

Elements Atom 44 Digital Printer Concentrating on green alternatives to conventional ink-jet printing processes IGS UK has introduced a range of durable water-based ink alternatives.

Designated Elements H2O, this new pigmented formulation is designed to be totally water-based yet retains high abrasion, weather and UV light resistance across a broad range of display and industrial materials.

The innovative Elements H2O series uses harmless chemistry to produce high quality colour accurate prints, with the vivacity of solvent-based solutions but without any VOCs or other hazardous emissions. Because the inks are completely odourless, no extraction or ducting is required in order to comply with Health and Safety requirements.

The Elements H2O family of water-based inks is ideal for use by all those who want to produce greener output in accordance with growing environmental pressures and the need for greater sustainability. They are suitable for print service providers, display producers, digital bureaux, photolabs, in-plants and office sites plus those who hitherto have been prevented from outputting durable print because of ventilation restrictions.

Elements H2O inks are totally water-based and nonflammable. They are also kind to print-heads, with no clogging or damage in use and no need for time-consuming maintenance procedures, says IGS UK. The water-based formulation has been developed to enable a wide range of materials, both coated and uncoated, to be printed with durable results complemented by a wide colour gamut and excellent vivacity on all surfaces.

More details at www.igsuk.net.

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