Ink Technologies (UK) Ltd - British ink manufacturer aims to stay ahead with new products

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Inks are developed and manufactured all over the world but one company whose product development and manufacturing takes place in the UK only is Ink Technologies (UK) Ltd (ITL).

Founded in 2000, ITL's products span a multitude of applications, including eco- and full-solvent, aqueous-based, UV-curable and industrial coding and marking inks. The company has launched three new products this year: Versatile Textile and Vinyl, MS5 True Solvent and i-BiO; all developed to provide innovative and cost-effective alternatives for production onto rigid, flexible and textile materials.

Versatile Textile and Vinyl (VTV) has become popular due to its ability to produce results of equal quality on either textile or vinyl substrates, thus eliminating the need to change inks when switching material types. Other popular features include its resilience against fading and the strikingly vivid results and wide gamut produced with its CMYK, orange and green.

Sustainability was central to developing ITL's MS5 True Solvent ink. ITL says this ink is capable of reducing expenditure whilst maintaining colours consistent with a printer's original CMYKLcLm ink set. MS5 is also able to withstand the elements, including extensive UV exposure, and has an outdoor durability of up to 24 months.

For companies eager to improve their environmental practices ITL's is offering its new i-BiO as an ideal solution. This mild-solvent choice offers all the colour density associated with more traditional inks whilst reducing VOCs and bettering the biodegradability of most mainstream alternatives, says ITL.

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