A boards and pavement signs - A wide variety provides a solution to suit all needs

One of the most popular of all free-standing signs is the good old A Board. Despite some local authorities restricting their use in some areas and various groups campaigning for their removal, A Boards remain popular and can be seen on pavements and outside retail outlets across the country.

The popularity of the A Board is largely due to its combination of factors essential for any successful sign - it's effective, simple and affordable. The basic style of hasn't changed but new materials and variations in design keep this perennial favourite looking up to date. Pavement and forecourt signs have increased in popularity over recent years and many sign companies have developed individual styling for their ranges.

Contact details for the companies featured can be found below:

3G Metal Fabrications Ltd www.3gmf.co.uk 01162 510352
Assigns Ltd www.assigns.co.uk 01462 672000
Jansen Display Ltd www.jansen-display.co.uk 01480 479231
PHP Products www.phproducts.co.uk 01327 350751
Rotosigns www.rotosigns.com 01902 404008
UK POS www.ukpos.com 0161 431 4400
Vista System International www.vistasystem.com 08004 049151
Walls + Forms Inc. www.wallsforms.com +1 972 745 0800

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