A Boards - Traditional styling with a modern makeover

Assigns-A-boardAssigns recently developed a new A Board to fulfil the requirements of one of its largest national clients.

A traditional wooden A-Board in appearance and construction with a solid wood frame, this unit has the added benefit of using galvanised steel back panels and the magnetically closing fixed APET lenses of a Stormforce PRO to secure an A1 poster, making it the best of both worlds.

Exclusive to Jansen Display Ltd of St Neots, Cambridgeshire, is a range of designer A Boards called Compasso.

This patented design offers aesthetics, logo panels, waterproof pockets and bi-colour branding options. The radius top profile also removes the possibility of trapping fingers when folding away. With the options of bi-colour branding and top or bottom logo panels, the Compasso range provides exclusive advertising opportunities.


A Board from the Compasso range.

Jansen Display estimates that its standard Outdoor version with 32mm snap frame, metal back wall, hinges and stays represents more than 80 per cent of the A Board sales in the UK today. For inside and covered applications where a lighter A Board can be used, the company offers a budget Indoor version.

The D Board from Rotosigns. Rotosigns manufactures all its signs on site in Coseley, West Midlands, meaning the company is able to offer variations to meet specific customer needs.

Rotosigns developed the A Board to include a curved header ideal for application of company logo. Powder coated for maximum protection against corrosion, this Board has a perfect surface for application of graphics and provides a simple, yet effective method of pavement or foyer advertising.

Different models in the Rotosigns range all have a high degree of quality construction and give versatility of size and shape.

The traditional A board from PHP. PHP - Popular with sign companies are the steel AS1 and AS2 A Frames with glossy white powder coat from PHP, a small and innovative company based in the historic racecourse town of Towcester, Northamptonshire.

Usually supplied blank for sign makers to apply their own vinyl graphics, both the AS1 and AS2 benefit from robust construction with quality butt-hinges and folding side-stay.

The AS1 has a more angular appearance and the advantage of a security loop welded at base of one leg before powder coating; the AS2 has a heavier frame with rounded corners and zintec panel powder coated separately then riveted to frame afterwards, meaning two quality variations on the same theme. The AS1 also comes in a larger A1 size.

Perfect for pubs, clubs and restaurants is PHP's AB1 A Frame chalkboard, which has a traditional arched top and is available with a British racing green or jet black frame.

More popular with shops, hairdressers and the like is the ASF, which has a lighter steel frame and Foamex type panels, and the quality WAB/2 with a rustic American Redwood framed chalkboard A Frame. Similar in design to the AB1, these have sliding and reversible bow-top panels, quality brass effect hinges and folding side-stay.

Promota's pavement sign PromotaSigns Ltd - A wide range of both pavement and wall signs in nine stock colours, generally available for next day delivery, are available from PromotaSigns Ltd.

More efficient manufacturing means cost savings and PromotaSigns has spent time developing and refining its manufacturing process, streamlining it to reduce costs without compromising on quality. A family run business, PromotaSigns has chosen its range encompasses the needs of sign suppliers, from simple budget boards through versatile poster holders to wall signs.

LCD Display Digi-A-Board that 3G Metal Fabrications manufactures3G Metal Fabrications - In contrast to the traditional appearance of most A-Boards is the LCD Display Digi-A-Board that 3G Metal Fabrications manufactures at its Leicester base.

Consisting of two 32" or 20" LCD displays running on 24V battery, this A Board produces pictures, films and music, running either independently or together. Its individual design also allows remote control features and accessible download qualities. The units can also be networked together.

Walls + Forms Inc offers its patented EuroSign EuroStand and GraphicStand at the component level and alternatively in prefab format. Components include extrusions that enable customisation and building in any size and in any quantity.

The EuroSign EuroStand with T-Base configuration is ideally suited for applications including full-colour lifestyle posters, promotional ads, and any other visual merchandising application.

The EuroSign GraphicStand with A Stand configuration is designed for a variety of commercial uses such as retail stores, restaurants, lobbies, hospitals, trade show exhibits and more.

Both models are acomodate graphics upto 24" x 36" and are available in a variety of standard colours with custom colours and sizes also available.

Contact details for the companies featured can be found below:

3G Metal Fabrications Ltd www.3gmf.co.uk 01162 510352
Assigns Ltd www.assigns.co.uk 01462 672000
Jansen Display Ltd www.jansen-display.co.uk 01480 479231
PHP Products www.phproducts.co.uk 01327 350751
Rotosigns www.rotosigns.com 01902 404008
Walls + Forms Inc. www.wallsforms.com +1 972 745 0800

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