Icon SLS supplies National Flag branding at G20

Flags at G20 ConferenceA good example of a particularly prestigious event Icon SLS supplied flags to was the G20 Conference in London.

The company provided the National Flag branding to cover all countries taking part in the conference, with a mixture of internal flagpoles that were used as a backdrop for the National Leaders whilst they were speaking and external flagpoles at the Meet and Greet point. Overall, Icon provided in excess of 300 flagpoles and flags.

"Icon SLS won the work because of our experience in relation to forward planning and methodology in execution, our ability to deliver on time and to budget," says Cathel. "We were innovative in the design and manufacture of unique flagpoles. The project was challenging in that it was undertaken in a high secure environment, with a very short timescale and required us to work as part of a much larger team."

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