Customers love Snapfix’s lifetime guarantee

Snapfix’s range of letter fixings

Snapfix, based on The Wirral, manufactures and supplies the Snapfix range of letter fixings worldwide through a network of distributors.

Mark Ashcroft, Managing Director of Snapfix, says that sign makers often find it’s the cup that fits to the wall that fails first, and because of UV degradation this can be in as few as three years.

"Then, when you try to buy a replacement cup you find they don’t sell the cup on their own, you have to buy whole new fixing," says Mark. "You can buy whatever part you want from us, including a cup alone, but no one asks for replacement cups because ours don’t degrade."

Snapfix has been manufacturing fixings for almost 50 years. Its products have been tested over many years in South Africa, which has incredibly high temperatures, lots of sunshine and high UV light levels, but in a location that also experiences very low temperatures. These dramatically different conditions are chosen to be a real test of durability and have proved so successful that Snapfix products come with a lifetime guarantee.

"This means that sign businesses using Snapfix letter fixings on a job can use our logo featuring the lifetime guarantee. This gives customers tremendous confidence in both the product and the sign maker, it’s been a deciding factor in them winning work on many occasions," says Mark.

Snapfix also supplies adhesives for use with its locators, along with glue guns and mixer nozzles.

Prices and more at the website or telephone 08448 007866.

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