Xpressions Display System - Make an instant impression.

Xpressions Display SystemXpressions is a totally new and revolutionary display system. It creates the dramatic visual impact vital in busy trade shows, clearly communicating your company's message even from a distance.

Using vibrant printed fabric, the system is light in weight and takes just seconds to assemble or dismantle. With graphics already in place, you can be the first to make your mark at the show or conference - ready to get straight down to business. (Leave the graphics attached, and also be the first home from the show).

Strong magnets work in conjunction with lightweight aluminium frames to create a sturdy frame structure. This, together with the three dimensionality and stretchiness of the fabric graphics, provides limitless options for creating a dynamic look. Graphics can be highlighted with halogen spot lamps, clipped on to the frame without the need for special tools.

Xpressions Displays is a division of Splash Display Ltd, one of the UK's leading display solution providers. Stewart Wilkins, Managing Director of Splash, says: Clients' comments say it all; typical are: 'Such a range of choices, I don't know where to start..!', 'The fabric panels just hook on. Simple!'"

"Clients are amazed by the range of choices and the bold colours. The fabrics give a vibrancy that you just don't get with a conventional pop up display. They can't believe you can put the graphics into a washing machine: they come up as good as new, with any creases hanging out in no time."

For a free demonstration, or to find out more about the range, visit the website www.xpressions-displays.co.uk or telephone 08452 261936.

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