Eco-friendly graphics from William Smith

RollsRoller Flatbed ApplicatorLeading supplier of integrated sign and graphics solutions, William Smith is now offering new state-of-the-art printing systems and specially engineered materials. Together, they enable graphics producers to greatly reduce the carbon footprint in producing exhibition graphics.

Latest developments in more eco-friendly materials include new non-PVC vinyl materials from both 3M and Ritrama. 3M Graphic Film 3545C and the lower cost RI-JET film from Ritrama are excellent examples of the way in which leading manufacturers are addressing environmental issues.

Supporting these materials are the latest digital printers, in particular those from HP, that now use the new Latex ink technology as an alternative to more hazardous solvent-based systems that give off harmful VOC emissions. The flagship model in the HP eco-friendly series of printers is the 104-inch HP DesignJet L65500 Latex printer. This is the first printer to utilise the latest Latex ink and wide-scan printing technologies and it will enable graphics producers to not only achieve faster printing cycles due to the technology involved but also, as a result of a drastic reduction in VOC emissions, greatly reduce the carbon footprint.

For graphics finishing, the RollsRoller Flatbed Applicator remains a preferred choice for many graphics producers. This remarkable workhorse of a machine can reduce material application time by as much as 80 per cent by comparison with alternative finishing solutions.

Other developments that will offer valuable support to providers of exhibition graphics are the DI-NOC special surface finishes and the Vikuiti rear projection film from 3M. Available in a choice of over 500 different patterns and finishes, DI-NOC mimics the natural appearance of materials like marble, stone and various woods.

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