3D-Standards - Design your own exhibition stand in minutes

A screen dump of the BabyCAD software in use.3D-Standards is a new award winning web application designed specially for event and exhibition professionals who plan or design exhibition stands or trade show booths.

Creating an entire layout and jaw dropping 3D visuals in a matter of minutes is made easy with 3D-Standards. Floor space is selected, the products to be included are clicked on and jpegs can be uploaded to apply graphics to 3D banners and pop-ups.

Because of its astounding ease of use, anyone can pickup and use this professional design software; no training required and the whole thing just runs in a browser. The developers at Aarkid Ltd believe its set to disrupt the established methods of pre-visualising exhibition stands and event spaces.

3D-Standards has appeared on several important exhibition industry websites over the last few months. The most recent portal for 3D-Standards is www.babycad.com, which is entirely devoted to this 3D exhibition design software.

What makes the version on Babycad unique is its set of modular 3D products to play with, which 'click' together like Lego bricks. Exhibition design ideas can be sketched out exhibition effortlessly and posted online in one click.

3D-Standards is intuitive and clearly has potential to be a potent tool for exhibition designers. The development team at Aarkid Ltd says designers already using it are able to give prospective clients 3D visuals in record time, putting them ahead of the competition and are calling 3D-Standards the 'deal clincher'.

"It's a potent sales tool and certainly going to upset a few people in the industry," says Mark Shurey, Chief Executive Officer, who uses the design tool to win new business for Creative Solutions, a leading supplier of exhibition equipment.

Test the free demo now at www.babycad.com or contact Aaarkid Ltd on 0141 416 0102.

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