Pacer HDS2 router cuts it fine on Perspex

The Pacer HD Series routerSince its launch, the Pacer HDS2 heavy-duty router from AXYZ International has proved a brilliant addition to the production facilities at many of the UK’s leading sign manufacturers. It has demonstrated a particular propensity for the fine cutting and routing of Perspex, arguably the most widely specified material used in the sign making and related industries.

Responsible for technical machine sales at AXYZ International, Liam Hodson commented: “Due to the robustness of the HDS2 and to the machine’s closed-loop servo drives and ball screw combination, the router is far less prone to machine vibration and ‘chatter’. The consequent smooth operation and fine-tolerance cutting capabilities therefore greatly reduce the need for any post-routing finishing requirement. The quality of the edge finish, significantly on Perspex acrylic sheet, is of an unprecedented high quality.”

Because of its exceptionally robust construction, the HDS2 will also handle more efficiently materials like aluminium and aluminium composite material (ACM), brass and steel, in addition to plastic and its derivatives, wood and wood composites like MDF and laminates. The weight of the router is over double that of the previous machine in the HD series and this has resulted in a more rigid construction and a consequent superior cutting and routing capability. There is a choice of processing area (from 2,500 x 1,250 to 3,050 x 2,050mm) and a range of spindle options.

The frame of the machine is a single-piece welded steel construction that is stress-relieved and milled flat to a very fine tolerance. The steel gantry is mounted on linear bearings running on steel rails and is driven on each side by an AC servomotor and a precision ball screw for backlash-free motion. The controller has an automatic self-squaring facility that ensures the gantry is always accurately aligned to eliminate the possibility of twisting or ‘crabbing’.

The zoned vacuum bed incorporates a high-flow brush-less exhauster that is capable of continuous operation, while independent switching and redirection provides a versatile and high-powered hold-down function. The integral cyclonic extraction system also ensures clean operation in all situations. Included in the range of optional features are a spray mister coolant system for cutting metals and alloys and a fully automatic tool change system that includes high-power and high-speed (up to 40,000rpm) spindles.

The Pacer HDS2 uses the latest XMC-E version 3 software. Full technical support for the router is provided by AXYZ International on a daily basis as part of the total package.

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