Identify adds Roland engraving systems to its portfolio

Roland's EGX 600 engraving machineThe Roland EGX360 engraving machineRoland Laser Engraving
Identify Engraving Systems has taken on the entire range of engraving systems from Roland.

With an excellent reputation for manufacturing high quality signage equipment, Roland engraving machines are no exception, being well thought out and economically priced. Adding the Roland range to the already well established Vision range of machines means that Identify can now provide an engraving machine for every conceivable application.

In the Vision range, there are four standard engravers, 305mm x 406mm, 406mm x 609mm, 609mm x 609mm and 609mm x 1219mm. The two larger are available in router format to provide ultimate flexibility by giving the option of using a standard engraving head or simply fitting a router head of choice for heavier duty work.

Roland's EGX20 and 30A are genuine desktop engravers and designed for simple tasks such as labels, tags and badges; easy to operate, they come complete with simple to use software.

"A real workhorse system" is how Identify describes Roland's EGX 350, which is being supplied with the full Vcarve Pro software, fully featured with all the functions that a professional engraver would expect, and more. Vcarve Pro as the name would suggest has the ability to take a standard engraving cutter and create some brilliantly simple V effects "with little or no pain".

For trophy making there can be no better system than the EGX 360, says Identify. The EGX was designed from the ground up to mark or engrave virtually any conceivable item involved in the award and incentive industry. Round items up to 180mm quickly converting to a flat engraving table 305mm x 230mm means that even tricky jobs can be turned round in time to satisfy even the most demanding customer.

For a bit of extra size and power and the capacity to get jobs done fast, Identify recommends the EGX 400 and 600.

Identify is now able to provide customers with the very best in software utilising Vision Lite and Vision Pro both of which are Engravelab based. Vectric software has also been introduced with some versions being included in the Roland systems. Using Vectric V-Carve software not only provides fully featured engraving software but it also makes functions like V-carving simple, literally adding a new dimension to the products that signmakers can offer their customers.

In addition, Identify offers a comprehensive range of engraving materials. Identify believes it has always been and continues to be, the leading innovator in this area. New products such as Metalgraph, which simulate the real look and feel of metal, and SafeTMark, is a fire resistant laminate, means that Identify customers continually benefit from the company's ongoing research and development.

Samples, swatches and literature are readily available via or telephone 0117 953 0800.

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