AXYZ routers go for pole position in cut-to-print technology

An AXYZ Router with the AXYZ Intelligent Cutting SystemThe new AXYZ oscillating knife.AXYZ 4008 routing system
Owners of AXYZ CNC routers from AXYZ International can now maximise the potential of cut-to-print technology without the need to invest in dedicated cutting machinery. The AXYZ Intelligent Cutting System (ICS), when attached to a standard AXYZ router, will enable users to process a wide range of both digital media and thicker sign making substrates like aluminium, aluminium composite material (ACM), PVC, acrylic, plywood and medium-density fibreboard (MDF). The system's capabilities on digital media have now been radically enhanced by the addition of a new oscillating tangential knife that will allow the efficient cutting for both flexible and semi-rigid media such as vinyl, foamed sheet, corrugated plastic cardboard, rubber and leather.

Compatible with all AXYZ CNC routers and available as an upgrade to existing machine installations, the ICS incorporates both a high-resolution camera imaging system that captures print registration marks and industry-leading I-cut control software. The automatic shape adjustment and Adobe Illustrator Plug-in registration mark capabilities inherent in the system will now comprehensively resolve problems associated with linear and non-linear material distortions where hitherto the use of standard software and print registration procedures had resulted in digitally printed signs and graphics being scrapped, with a consequent erosion of profits for the sign and graphics producer and inconvenience to their valued customers.

The ICS solution also features I-Script workflow communication to allow connectivity with all of the most popular RIPS and printers. Significantly, the system will now enable owners of AXYZ routing systems to develop new areas of business that previously would not have been possible and without additional expenditure on new cutting machinery. An ICS demonstration video can be accessed at or by contacting a member of the technical team on 01902 375 600.

The ICS facility has now been further enhanced with the new AXYZ oscillating knife that has been designed to precisely cut a wide range of digitally printable media up to a thickness of 40mm. In conjunction with the ICS system, the new oscillating knife will allow all types of material used in sign making and digital printing to be effectively handled at a greatly reduced cost. Furthermore, fine control of blade oscillation and tangential motion combine to deliver precise cutting and clean cut edges, even on thicker materials, without excessive over cut or fraying.

The knife accessory can be fitted with a wide choice of blade in various lengths and attack angles. It can also be used with a creasing wheel for sample making and associated creasing and perforating applications.

For further information, visit or telephone 01902 375600.

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