Speedy printing and dual roll abilities to tempt customers

HP Scitex LX600
Two new HP printers from William Smith, the HP Scitex LX600 (104ins/2.6m) and super-wide Scitex LX800 (126ins/3.2m), utilise optional dual roll functionality to offer faster production speeds with high quality print.

The dual roll functionality allows the full width of the printer to be used to enable continuous and automatic adjustment of tension between the two media rolls; rolls of varying widths and length can be accommodated and two different jobs can be printed at the same time.

Prints come off the Scitex range dry and ready to display, laminate or finish, meaning from print to vehicle wrap can be as little as 30 minutes. The Scitex machines have automatic colour calibration to produce consistency of colour and constant 1200dpx x 1200dpi printing.

The speed and efficiency of operation and productivity on HP's new Scitex FB500 UV ink printer, also available from William Smith, is largely due to its facility to print and load media simultaneously. Ideal for high volume production, up to four sheets of media can be loaded quickly with the aid of the printer's integral automated alignment and positioning features and no masking is required.

The FB500 offers exceptional image quality (up to 1200 x 600 optimised dpi) on virtually any rigid or flexible material (even corrugated plastic), with good ink adhesion. Quality is maintained when producing double-sided prints, matt or gloss and full bleeds, and it is easier than ever to use white ink for undercoats, overcoats and spot colour. A choice of printing speeds up to 37 sq.m/hr (398 sq.ft./hr) for prints that will be viewed at long distance, allows the user to select the appropriate combination of speed and quality to meet individual customer requirements.

Furthermore, no printhead maintenance is required and the machine can be monitored remotely via the HP Embedded Web Server, thereby minimising downtime. Print shop space can also be optimised with folding tables that store easily when the printer is not in use.

Contact details: William Smith
Tel. 01833 694707

Grapo Gemini X10/1080UVThe latest offering from Grapo Technologies, the Gemini X10/1080UV, is another flatbed printer claiming to far surpass the speed of earlier machines. In this case, with speeds of up to 90 sq.m./hr, the new Gemini claims double the speed of previous generation Manta printers when printing with white ink at 15-30 square metres per hour. High quality printing of skin tones and better quality flat colours also differentiate this new printer, says Grapo.

The new Gemini has a printing area of 2x3 metre for rigid sheets as well as the ability to handle rolls up to 165 cm. Capable of printing on rigid substrates as well as roll-to-roll, it's designed to offer new business potential to sign and display printers at an affordable price point.

The Gemini features CMYK and white ink and is being targeted at screen printers seeking to move to digital as well as at digital sign printers wanting to migrate from solvent printing.

Much of this new capability is enabled by the 10 XAAR 1001 printing heads with unique Through-Flow™ system and variable drop sizes for greyscale printing embodied in this new generation printer, as compared to eight printing heads with a fixed drop size of the previous generation.

Contact details: Grapo Technologies
Tel. +42 0587 435631

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