Mimaki CJV30 Series – the ultimate integrated solvent printer/cutter

Unusually, the Mimaki CJV30 Series is delivered with a huge suite of supporting software. Included is not just a fully featured PostScript RIP package, but Mimaki’s impressive, Mac or PC compatible FineCut cutting plug-in for CorelDRAW! and Illustrator, and SimpleStudio design software too.

The Mimaki CJV30 Series sports high end features pioneered on machines such as the JV5 and JV33. For example, the Uninterrupted Ink Supply System (for unattended long run printing), the same super-fast print head for a top notch result and now also adds cutting capability that requires no user intervention.

Window with a semi transparent vinyl film on it.Interestingly, all the solvent ink cartridges for the Mimaki CJV30 are valid for Hybrid’s web-based, customer rebate linked cartridge recycling scheme. This scheme pays out ink credits for recycling used cartridges, and contributes to a massive reduction in print waste, with the potential to remove some 40 tonnes of spent cartridges from landfill this coming year alone. Mimaki owners can register for free at www.LetsDoMore.co.uk

Further details on the Mimaki CJV30 Series and other Mimaki products can be found at www.YouGetMore.co.uk

For more information, a demonstration of the CJV30 Series or for how to find an authorised reseller, telephone Mimaki’s exclusive distributors, Hybrid Services Ltd, on 01270 501900 or go to www.hybridservices.co.uk

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