Colourgen launches new Seiko II ColorPainter range

The new inkjet heads offer true 720 dpi resolution and bigger droplet sizes by firing multiple drops to maximise ink density levels - even at high print speeds. The printers offer new "mild solvent" ink set that has excellent colour and adhesion. The printer comes with eight heads, which can be configured two ways: eight colours with one head per colour (Y, M, C, K, Lc, Lm, Grey and Light Grey ink colours) for maximum image quality, or four colours with two heads per colour (Y. M, C, K ink colours), which can almost double the speed for maximum productivity.

Jeff Biggs, Managing Director of Colourgen, comments, "This new generation of solvent printers from Seiko II offers real value for customers. The printers deliver extremely high quality output at speeds that no other printer of a similar class can get anywhere near. Seiko II has also made major advances with the mild-solvent inks, ensuring the prints are much safer for the environment and opening up a greater range of applications for the ColorPainter range."

The ColorPainter H-74S and H-104S incorporate important new features, including "Smart Pass Technology" to optimise pass-to-pass dot placement for smooth spot colours and gradients and "Automatic head height adjustment" to ensure the best image quality. In combination with these features as well as high speed and high ink density, the printers meet requirements for professional quality outdoor graphics and high volume users.

The ColorPainter H74S and H104S are available in the UK exclusively from authorised Colourgen resellers.

For your nearest reseller, please contact Colourgen on 01628 588722 or visit

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