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TOPIC: You can't have you cake and eat it...

You can't have you cake and eat it... 11 years 6 months ago #184

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Hi All.

Thanks for looking at my post. Firstly can I wish everyone a very merry Christmas.

I would like to talk about suppliers (especially one) that not only want a big slice of the sign cake but also want to eat it all up too. I thought that Christmas was a good time to talk about sharing and being fair.

I took a call today from an ex supplier based in Clowne, Chesterfield asking why we haven't bought from them for the past year? "Yes, I replied I know of your existance. I was a loyal ciustomer for 9 years. I'm also aware of your production department". They try to have me believe to be a trade only supplier when I know they will not think twice about undercutting us at the blink of an eye (or anyone else for that matter).

Not only that but they have business number 3 well underway. A carefully designed banner website that advertises on google adwords. You won't find any address on the site unless you look carefully in the about us tab then click on terms and conditions ( I presume this is hidden in guilt? )

My point is; Is this really fair? Should they blame me for taking my business elsewhere? I'd love to know what you think and also wonder how they might feel should I diversify in 2010 into sign making materials and target their customer?

Teamwork during tough times surely is best way and I certainly won't support a bad egg that want its cake and eats it.

Thanks for looking and look forward to replies.
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Re:You can't have you cake and eat it... 11 years 6 months ago #185

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This kind of thing happens a fair bit in this industry.
I know of a few sign-makers that have gradually got bigger over time, then bought a router so they can do large jobs more cost effectively than getting them supplied by a 'trade-only supplier'. They can then supply the trade as well, and this is one thing that is mentioned by the people selling the routers, as a selling point.

So what they then do is set up another business, so that the two companies are different and then they say we (business 2) only supply the trade.
I don't know whether the company that you talk of, have gone the other way and gone from supplying the trade to supplying the public.

It is frustrating, but I can understand why they do it, and if I was to expand my sign-making business, one option would be to start supplying the trade, as I would obviously have some of the expertise required.

Fair? - Unfortunately life isn't.
Life is pretty tough for the small man.
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Re:You can't have you cake and eat it... 10 years 11 months ago #208

This is an issue that pops up all over the sign and graphics trade. There are a number of big companies within our sector of the industry which is exhibition pop up stands and banner stands

Unless you are knowledgeable about the industry there are companies within companies all over the place. One of our suppliers has at least 3 operations but claims to be a trade only supplier. All it takes is some clever marketing to keep the majority in the dark.

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