Scotland - Osprey Company specialises in woodworking

Sign up on the Isle of SkyInterpretive signage for heritage sites and nature reserves make up a large proportion of Osprey's work.This display was carefully designed to fit in perfectly with The Outback theme.
The Osprey Company was initially formed in the mid 1970s under the name of Screencraft (Scotland) to provide the first commercial screen printing service in the Scottish Borders. Besides producing the usual range of signs, decals, vehicle livery, banners and the like, the company also specialised in the screen printing of instrument panels for large electronic companies in the Central Belt of Scotland.

Right from the start, the business was also involved with the production of interpretive boards for heritage sites in the Borders, followed by Fife and other areas.

When the electronics work began to fall away in the late 1980s, signs and interpretation for heritage sites was identified as a field that perfectly suited the company's skills, involving as it does very high quality, low density work with a strong design element. Since then, Osprey has specialised in this area, offering a full design and manufacturing service, and has established itself as one of the foremost sign suppliers in the field.

Today, the company's clients are spread throughout the UK and beyond, including national and international conservation bodies, many local authorities, trusts, private estates and businesses involved in the fields of heritage and conservation.

The business has evolution over the years has been significant. It is no longer a screen printer - all printed graphics are now produced digitally. But the biggest change is that the majority of Osprey's workshops are now given over to woodworking, as many of the sign structures it produces are in timber. The company believes it has all the skills and equipment in house needed to enable the manufacture of signs in a wide range of styles to suit individual locations. This includes large format CNC routing machines that are used more and more each year.

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