Scotland - Insight Sign Services – trade only supplier and bespoke specialist

Bespoke routed sign by Insight Sign Services. Stainless steel built-up letters Insight’s popular Spectra range of poster cases.
Insight Sign Services is a trade only supplier, providing a range of trough lighting, back-lit signs, stainless steel letters, LEDs, poster cases, wayfinding, and post and panel signage, primarily to sign makers and electrical companies.

Research and development, along with investment in new plant and machinery, has enabled Insight to be successful both in introducing brand new products and developing existing lines.

Richard Rinn, who set up Insight more than 20 years ago, says: "We spend a lot research and development time to design products that actually perform as they should. We also looked hard at how designers for large blue-chip retailers have reverted to bespoke signs rather than just using standard extrusions, materials and digital printing. Consequently, bespoke products is an area we specialise in, it's hard work but rewarding when we see what we achieve."

Research and development at Insight has resulted in some of its most popular ranges, such as Highlight (trough lighting) Speedflex (signcase system), Lumirescent (LED lighting) and Wayfinder (post and panel signs).

Recent investment at the company's Glasgow site includes a turbo bend and CNC folding system that doesn't just bend aluminium but can shape and fold sheets up to three metres long. The increased number of profile shapes that can now be created which could previously only be extruded means customers avoid tooling charges and benefit from reduced turnaround times.

As well as being used in the production of the company's standard signage, the new equipment is used extensively in the manufacture of bespoke signage, an area where demand has doubled over the last two years. Richard says: "We're finding that no matter how many new and innovative extrusions we offer, designers working for the major retailers increasingly look for a non-standard product. We fulfil their expectations by utilising our standard extrusion range along with our excellent in-house manufacturing skills and equipment."

A relatively new line that is also proving popular with customers is Insight's fabricated stainless steel letters. The company manufactures high quality built-up stainless steel letters to any style, illuminated or non-illuminated, and in various colours and grains. Only premium grade stainless is used and faces are cut by water jet, meaning edges are left polished to match the face of the material.

Despite the current recession Richard is optimistic about the future.

"Top quality, availability, competitive prices, and most of all customer service, are our strong points. By keeping small, looking after existing clients, and continuing to bring out new and improved products, we will ride out the current economic climate," he says.

"Many sign companies leave ordering to the last minute, quite often because they're understaffed, and we do our utmost to help. I like the attitude of sign makers, hard working, and not frightened to go for it; frequently under financed, and perhaps not treated well by many large retail companies, but as a whole I think they're very innovative and certainly not in it for the money."

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