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Almost 40 years ago an enquiry from a local vicar identified a gap in the market and Harrisons launched itself into the flag and flagpole market. Traditionally a very conservative industry where flagpoles were hard to come by and manufactured from Canadian pine, Harrisons searched for an alternative and imported Scandinavian technology using fibreglass which overall provided a much lighter, longer lasting maintenance free option.

Harrisons supplies trades customers throughout Europe, the Middle East and North America

Harrisons supplies trade customers throughout Europe, the Middle East and North America.

Today, Harrisons manufactures thousands of fibreglass flagpoles a year in two facilities and supplies sign makers and other trade customers throughout Europe, the Middle East and North America. As the years have gone on the company has increased its range to include architectural grade aluminium and, most recently, stainless steel flagpoles up to 25 metres tall.
Photo of Albert Dock sign As customer requirements have changed Harrisons have expanded into a wider range of products and work closely with the trade on flags as well as custom and bespoke external displays including wall mounted banner brackets, steel banner poles and lamp column banners.

Demand from the trade for short-term promotional flags and poles has encouraged Harrisons to create a range of lower cost short-term products for events, the auto trade and related markets. Blade banners and Teardrop banners have really taken off along with street banners. Despite increased competition and lower quality product being imported from overseas, Harrisons have continued to focus on design, safety and strength in all its products.

Over the years Harrisons has developed a reputation for finding a solution to the most challenging of jobs. Installing a 40m tall steel flagpole on the top of a five storey hotel in Wales, designing and installing a fully rigged flagpole into the harbour bed where at high tide the bottom three metres of the pole are below sea level, are all part of the regular challenging projects the company undertakes successfully.

Every year boundaries are being pushed, clients expect something new, something eye-catching and Harrison loves the challenge of making a concept reality. The success of its business is the ability to meet those challenges by an incredibly experienced and knowledgeable team at Harrisons.

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