Robert Horne - New Year brings more.

LED's Early in 2009 Robert Horne Group will be extending its LED Solutions range of products.

With the success of the Enlite and Enlite Grid there is now a growing acceptance of the huge benefits of LED technology to lower energy bills and reduce maintenance costs. The sign and display industry now understands that the initial higher costs of LED based lighting can be far outweighed by payback times of as little as 12 to 18 months. So for that reason new products will be added to the Robert Horne Portfolio to replace old technologies like fluorescent tubes for back illumination of signage and displays.

The first new product will be a direct fluorescent tube LED replacement called Green Tube. The new LED Green Tube will come in the same sizes as standard fluorescent tubes but offers all the benefits of LED technology.

The second new LED product will be Bright Green Matrix and Bright Green Edge from Bright Green Technology Ltd. An innovative LED solution which is extremely easy to install, it lasts upwards of five maintenance-free years, before requiring simple and safe LED replacement. Better still, when the system eventually reaches the end of its natural life, it is 98 per cent recyclable.

These new product additions will widen the already impressive LED solutions, which include Philips LED range, the Robert Horne Group offers to the sign and display marketplace.

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