New Tekcel routers stand out from the crowd

Tekcel CNC Solutions' E Model CNC router, available with bed sizes up to 4050mm x 2070mm. The V Series CNC router from Tekcel CNC Solutions Tekcel’s new control post now has a user friendly joystick control podium mounted as standard.
Tekcel CNC Solutions has recently launched an impressive new range of CNC routers that are designed, from the very first glance, to stand out from the crowd and look to offer sign companies something very special indeed.

For the past decade, Tekcel routers have been widely regarded as the machines that deliver the highest levels of precision, productivity and reliability to the sign and display industry in the UK and Ireland, says Tekcel. The new models build on this well earned reputation and push their exceptional performance benchmark even higher.

The new Tekcel routers are available in single tool or multi tool change configurations, capable of dealing with the huge variety of material types, including plastics, metals, ACMs and woods commonly used throughout the industry. In keeping with Tekcel's manufacturing ethos of 'only the best will do', the new Tekcel routers feature class leading ballscrew drives on every axis, complete with powerful servo motors and digital encoders that deliver 'closed loop' motion control with pinpoint accuracy. All Tekcel routers are fitted with micro switch pads to accurately sense tool lengths for precise cutting depths, essential for inlay work and folding ACM trays.

Developed in conjunction with CADlink, world leaders in software development for the sign and digital print industry, Tekcel now offers its own cut to print solution, which makes a Tekcel router an ideal cutting partner for the increasing number of flat bed digital printers used in the sign and display industry.

Other new developments include system automation to control features like the vacuum hold down bed. The unique 'hole and pocket' vacuum bed system on a Tekcel router is self skimming to provide an absolutely level surface for precise cutting. A new aluminium slat profile and manifold system delivers truly exceptional hold down suction across all areas of the bed.

In addition to these innovations, Tekcel's popular interface with its user friendly joystick control has is now podium mounted as standard.

The new Tekcel router range also offers a range of popular bed sizes all the way up to 4m x 2m as standard. Tekcel CNC Solutions is also capable of delivering custom solutions for companies with specific requirements that fall outside its standard model range.

For more information, contact Tekcel CNC Solutions on 01275 342668 or go to

Tekcel router being used with digital printed media on a flatbed.
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